Visa to Morocco

Any Individual seeking a visa to enter Morocco must have a passport valid for a period of 6 months before its expiry.

Canadian passport holders are granted a visa free access to Morocco. They are allowed entry for a maximum of 90 days.

Why apply for visa for Morocco
Individuals who must have a visa prior to entering Morocco must submit a request to the Moroccan consular mission of their place of residence. 
Individuals residing in Canada may do so at the Consulate of the Kingdom of Morocco in Montreal.


Visas are not issued at Moroccan points of entry
(Airports, ports or other borders)

Visitors must hence ensure that they obtained their visa PRIOR to their trip.

Different categories of visa :

Transit Visa
The Consulate General of Morocco in Montreal issues visitor visas with one or two entries, for a maximum of three months. The visitor visas are issued for the following purposes.

Visitor Visa (short or long stay/one or two entries)
Le Consulat Général du Maroc à Montréal délivre des visas de séjour avec une ou deux entrées et pour un MAXIMUM DE TROIS MOIS pour les catégories suivantes :
-    Tourism
-    Business
-    Family visit
-    Studies/Sport/Culture
-    Official visit
-    Diplomatic visit (diplomatic visa)

Length and number of entries
The Consulate General of Morocco in Montreal does not issue long stay visas.

The period of stay cannot exceed 90 days nor can it allow for more than two entries. However, any visa-holding foreigner who desires staying in Morocco for over 90 days, may submit a request to competent Moroccan authorizes (Direction Generale de la Surete Nationale DGSN) in order to obtain a residence card or a visa extension. .

Conditions for the issuance of the residence card or for a visa extension fall solely under the authority of the DGSN.

Ordinary passports
Visas are granted after a review of your visa request application. The consulate may refuse to grant a visa if a file is incomplete or does not meet the requirement. Visas will be issued after an average of five open days.

Please note : Certain applications may take up to three or four weeks to be processed. It is recommended in that case to withhold flight bookings until the visa is issued.

For refugee passport / travel document
The request must be submitted with the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco in Montreal. The application review will take more time due to the nature of the document and as such it is recommended that the request be submitted 3 to 4 weeks prior to the planned travel date. The consulate may refuse to grant a visa if an application is incomplete or does not meet requirements.

No visas are granted on the basis of a laissez-passer as a travel document.
Visa requests :
To ensure the processing of your visa request and avoid any delays or rejections of your file, we encourage you to come submit your request in person at the Consulate General of Morocco in Montreal. Visas may be submitted from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 2 pm.

Nationals from the following countries are granted visa-free access to Morocco :
Ordinary passports :
Nationals from countries that are not in the following table are required to obtain a visa prior to entering Morocco. They have to apply for visa.
Maghreb and Middle-East
Africa Europe

Saudi Arabia**
United Arab Emirates
Congo Republic (Brazzaville)
Ivory Coast
Guinea (Conakry)
The Gabon
Germany - Austria - Belgium - Bulgaria - Croatia - Denmark - Spain - Andorra - Estonia - Finland - France - Monaco - Great-Britain - Greece - Hungary (30 days) - Ireland - Iceland - Italy - Latvia - Liechtenstein - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Malta - Norway - Netherlands - Poland - Portugal - Romania - San Marino - Slovakia - Slovenia - Sweden - Switzerland - Czech Republic - Cyprus**
United States of America**

South Korea
Hong-Kong (30 days)

*   UN experts holding passports or laissez-passer from the UN are exempt from visa requirements.
** Ordinary passports only.

Diplomatic Passports, of Mission or of Service :
Diplomatic Mission of Service passport holders of the following countries are still required to obtain a diplomatic visa :

Maghreb and Middle East
Africa Europa


United States of America
Singapore (officiel - service)

Business hours
Visa applications must be deposit between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

Required documents :

You have to provide the documents required listed below, bearing in mind that your visa application does not mean either an automatic agreement or any commitment on behalf of the General Consulate for granting a visa.

Documents for ordinary passports :
  1. The « visa application form » (to be filled in online and printed). (Any form submitted by Post to the Consulate must necessarily be signed in front of a Consulate Officier or a Comissionner for Oaths)
  2. Your valid passport ;
  3. Copies of the Passport identification pages ;
  4. Two (2) color photographs
  5. Copy of your Canadian Permanent Resident Card, your Work Permit or  your Studies Permit
  6. For minors travelling alone, Copy of the Identity Card of the legal guardian (Father, Mother or other Legal Guardian) + Autorisation
  7. An invitation or copy of the hotel booking in Morocco
  8. Travel insurance
  9. Three (3) last bank statments
  10. Work Certificate
  11. Flight Ticket or reservation
  12. A prepaid return envelope Xpresspost - Canada Post -, to ensure a safe return delivery of your passport (If you send your application and documents by post).
  13. « Payment of visa Fees »: Cash (if you come to the consulate) or certified bank checks (If you send your application by post).
- The required visa is granted only after study of your file.
- Only bank order are accepted for payments. If you send Money orders of Post-Canada, Western Union and Money Transfer orders or personal checks, your request will not be accepted.

Other documents
Some of the following documents may be required to apply for visa :
  • For people who go on mission work, prospecting for business opportunities or studies, attach a photocopy of proof.
  • For Moroccan spouse(s), attach a copy of the marriage certificate.
  • For ex-residents foreigners in Morocco, attach a photocopy of the residence permit.