Deaths and repatriation of remains to Morocco

Death Registration

The death of a Moroccan national has to be reported as soon as possible to the Consulate General in Montreal, by his close of kin.
The legal declaration of death has so be done in accordance to the below mentioned procedure :
  1. The death must be reported as soon as possible after the death is pronounced ;
  2. You must include the following documents:
    1. Death certificate issued by Canadian Authorities;
    2. The deceasedís consular ID (if he is registered with the Consulate General) ;
    3. Le The deceasedís or his fatherís Family Book ;
    4. The deceasedís CIN/CNIE;
    5. The deceasedís Moroccan passport;
    6. The deceasedís birth certificate;
    7. The spouseís birth certificate if the deceased was married.

Repatriation of remains to Morocco

Once the repatriation of remains request is submitted, the Consulate General will issue the required authorization after approval by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (Direction des Affaires Consulaires et Sociales).

The repatriation of remains request must include the following documents:
  • Full name of the deceases ;
  • CIN/CNIE & Passport numbers of the deceases ;
  • Date and Place of death ;
  • Cause of death ;
  • Full parentage of the deceased ;
  • Address of the deceased family in Morocco ;
  • Desired place of burial in Morocco ;
  • Border post of entry of the remains (transit airport and final destination).
The repatriation of remains file has to be made in double either by the deceasedís relative, by the funeral home or by any other designated individual. The file must also include the following :
  1. La ę Declaration of death and repatriation of remains of the body form Ľ (please fill and print) - (Any form submitted to the Consulate must necessarily be signed in front of a Consulate Officier or a Comissionner for Oaths);
  2. Registration of death issued by the Canadian Health Ministry to the funeral home ;
  3. 3. Certificate stating that the deceased was placed in his coffin (certificate de mise en biere) issued by the funeral home ;
  4. Le Certificat de mise en cercueil dťlivrť par la Maison Funťraire ;
  5. 4. Coronerís permission to take the coffin out of Canada delivered by the coronerís office to the funeral home.
  6. 5. Permission of repatriation of the remains, delivered by the Consulate General after approval of Moroccan Authorities.