Driving License

If you hold a Moroccan driving license, and you want to establish a Canadian driving license, you will have to provide an English/French translation of your Moroccan license to Canadian Authorities. Canadian Authorities will only accept the translation done at the Consulate General in Montreal. In order to do so, please bring or send us by mail, the following documents :

Required Documents :
  1. Consular ID (if sent by mail please only send us a copy).
  2. CIN/CNIE or Passports (if sent by mail please only send us a copy).
  3. Original copy of Moroccan driving license + double sided photocopy. (probationary licenses of less than a year or without the ‘’permanent’’ stamp will not be accepted)
  4. An Xpress-post prepaid return envelope so that we may send back your documents to your home address. (only if documents are sent by mail).
  5. « Fees » must be paid in cash or by bank order made payable to the « Consulate of Morocco ». Money orders from Canada Post, Western Union or Money Transfer as well as personalized cheques are not accepted.
NB :
  • Translation : If you hold a non-permanent Moroccan driving license, you must provide a document stating its validity. You may obtain the document from the Ministry of Transportation in Morocco. If you are currently in Canada, you may designate an individual to obtain the document in your place and send it to you. Once received, you may add this document to the above-mentioned documents in order for your driver’s license translation to be issued.
  • Canadian driving license holders may use their license during their stay in Morocco.
  • If you are either a new resident in Canada, an international student or a tourist, we recommend you contact the Ministry of Transports of your Province to obtain more information on the driving and license prerequisites.
  • Permis de Conduire biométrique : Le remplacement de l'ancien Permis de conduire marocain par le nouveau Permis Biométrique (nouveau modèle) ne se fait qu'au Maroc, au Ministère Marocain du Transport.

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