Consular Registration

Advantages of Consulate registration

 It is highly recommended for Moroccan nationals residing in Canada to register at their earliest convenience with the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco in Montreal. This formality will allow:
  • The consulate to better know the Moroccan community that it is strives to protect, administer and assist in times of need.
  • An easier administrative process for Moroccan nationals residing in Canada who desire to obtain specific documents eg. CNIE, biometric passport, family book, procuration, attestations ect.
Kindly note that registration with the Consulate General is mandatory prior to any consular services. Registration takes effect immediately and provides you with a consular I.D. that you may use as proof of your registration with Consulate General. Please note however that while the consular ID is required for any consular service, it is not a formal identification document and cannot replace the CNIE or the passport.

Further, any major change in the situation or status of a Moroccan national or his family has to be communicated to the Consulate General in order for his file to be updated. This can be done either through this link « online update of the Consular file » or via an email sent to .

Email communications are the fastest and most reliable means of keeping yourselves updated on your files and requests to the Consulate General. However, you may also verify in person during your visits to the Consulate.

Registration Application

Any individual who intends to register with the Consulate General has the following options :
  • Present themselves at the Consulate General in Montreal along the original documents listed hereafter,
  • If you reside outside the Greater Montreal Area you may send us the original copies of the required documents by secured mail through Canada Post with an Xpress-post prepaid return envelope so that we may send back your registration consular ID to your home address. Please note that we do not require the originals of the Permanent Resident Card, National ID Card and Passport.
  1. « Registration application » (download and fill online and print before coming to the Consulate General) - (Any form submitted to the Consulate must necessarily be signed in front of a Consulate Officier or a Comissionner for Oaths).
  1. Moroccan passport+photocopies of the six(6) first pages (if it is the old passport) OR Identification page (page 2) if it is the biometric passport;
  1. National identification card (C.I.N/CNIE)+ one (1) photocopy double-sided;
  1. National identification card (C.IN/CNIE) of the legal guardian or parent + one (1) double-sided photocopy;
  1. Two (2) recent color photos (passport format: 3,5cm/4,5 cm see required norms) ;
  1. Birth certificate issued by the Kingdom of Morocco (from your birth place or from the Consulate of Morocco of your birth place);
  1. Permanent Resident Card OR Canadian Citizenship card OR Work permit + one (1) photocopy;
  1. Study permit OR School certificate ;
  1. One (1) double-sided photocopy of the Moroccan driving license (optional);
  1. One (1) double-sided photocopy of Marriage certificate issued by the Adoul (muslim notary) OR the civil marriage certificate certified by Moroccan Law otherwise. (only for married individuals) ;
  1. One (1) photocopy of the Family Book or <> (only for married individuals);
  1. « Fees» must be paid in cash or by bank order made payable to the « Consulat e of Morocco ». Money orders from Canada Post, Western Union or Money Transfer as well as personalized cheques are not accepted.